Centurion Clip & Griffin Box II Platinum & Advance

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    Great pack for starters
    Centurion Multi Unlock Clip
    The Ultimate unlock clip for removing Network Sim Locks from a wide range of Mobile Phones !!!
    Panasonic, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, Sendo, Sony Ericsson & VK unlocking are all supported
    With Dual Ports System, For Serial (PS2) and USB communication protocols.
    Superb Design and construction, bespoke factory produced, a truly professional piece of equipment.
    Including 55 cables and software
    Griffin Box II Platinum
    Griffin box 2 with Special Adapter Switcher(SAS) activated to support and offer full compatibility with new Nokia phones and in addition has a cooling fan installed inside to avoid over heating of PCB board.
    including 78 cables
    Full activated with 2 dvd including software for samsung and ericsson unlocking and log files
    Advance UFS Box
    The main advantage of this new box is the Learning Mode (no other box can do this).
    Learning Mode supports all Flash Chips and all firmware versions. Users of this new box no longer need to wait for support... Just connect the phone and wait for Learning Mode to do its magic! Feel the POWER!

    UFS Interface
    Autodetect TP
    Autobackup/restore PM (308)
    Manual Backup/Restore PM (308)
    Support Learning Mode Unlock
    Fullfactory Reset
    Direct SP Unlock via TP
    included 5 cables
    all in one sale, offer me a price by email doctormovil@gmail.com or website Doctor Movil
    reason for sale: we stop with unlocking mobiles to bussy with other things.
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