Unlock V551 Contak Service Proveder

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    I take no responsibility for any damage done to your phone or loss of information from using the following procedure!!!
    What You Need:
    07d0 Bootloader
    Flashbackup 1.87
    PDS Editor
    Step 1
    Download and flash your V551 with bootloader 07d0. You are essentially downgrading your bootloader, because the newer bootloaders that come on the v551 do not allow you to properly backup your phone.
    Step 2
    Using Flashbackup and make both a full and pds backup. This is a must - I can't stress that. If you mess things up and don't have an original pds backup - your in for a headache.
    Step 3
    Make a copy of the PDS backup to work on. Make sure you don't work on the original!!! Open the copy up in PDS Editor. Go to the History tab and select seem 00AB - hit the Step Back button. Save the file, hit Okay when it asks for the format (default). Then using Flashbackup, Restore the PDS file to the phone.
    Your phone should now be SIM LOCK FREE!
    This method may work on other models including: V550, V620, E550, V545, V547, V300. V303, V400, V500, V505, V525, V535, V600, E398
    **I do NOT take credit for developing this procedure!! The idea was originally posted by scope11**:thumb:

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