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    I am an "OLd School" hardware repair guy and have replaced over 20 digitizers in Treo 650 and before. I had a customer come in with a low signal problem on a Verizon Treo 700wx which usually indicates a bent antenna connector. When I too the phone apart to clean it, I also cleaned the digitizer as I normally do when opening these Treos. However, when I put the phone back together, the screen didnt light. I barely touched it, reopened it and reassembled making sure the Flex ribbon was attached correctly; but again no screen. The screen was working fine before. Then I took another Treo 700wx I had in my shop; made sure everything was working, took the phone apart and tried that digitizer, and it didnt work. Then I iput it back together again with the same parts it had before and now it won't work either. Am I missing something here? Like I said, I have done many of these before on the Treo 650 and it seems to be almost the same setup. Both phones screens were fine before I cleaned them, and now they wont work. The second Treo I opened, I didnt even clean. I just took it apart and reassembled it. Did Palm put a booby trap in this model? PLEASE let me know what to do, my customer is coming back in a couple of days. If no one knows is there a Treo repair site where the hardware repair is discussed. Everything I have seen is software based. Thanx in advance

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