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    It’s the best time. We live in a frenetic technical advancing world, where yesterday’s dream becomes today’s truth, and today’s fad turns tomorrow’s memory. While, we don’t know whether iPhone is result of a twinkle in Steve Jobs' eye, but now it is really out there and promises to revolutionize the way we use our phones forever. You don't have to love it; you don't even have to like it. You will, however, be witness to a great upheaval in the mobile communications business because of it. Owning an iPhone opens up a whole new world of entertainment.
    It’s the worst time. Gone forever the time when we just press a button and wait a TV set to kill time of hours. Owning an iPhone also opens up Pandora Jewelry. You will soon be buried with thousands of self-glorifying iPhone software, exhausted by the complicated operations, and still frustrated by their poor performance.
    No need to endure such torture any more. You have the following popular professional iPhone software to save you from the sorry plight and fully enjoy this awesome gadget.
    Install: installer
    Installer is excellent third-party iPhone software. With it and Wireless Network, you can install the entire world's third-party iPhone software.
    Moreover, Installer also provides automatic update function, which enables you to install the latest third-party iPhone software or update the installed iPhone software to the latest version. You can also use the installer to automatically uninstall iPhone software. It goes without saying that installer is the iPhone software that no matter novice and veteran should have one!
    Download: iBrickr/ iBus
    iBrickr/ iBus is windows iPhone software which should be installed on your PC.
    If you do not have a wireless network, then iBrickr / iBus is absolutely the best choice for you.
    iBrickr / iBus can not only automatically install all third-party iPhone software, but also upload your favorite simulator games, e-books, ring tones and so on. The iBus offers the additional powerful function of fast uploading and managing GBA game. iBrickr/ iBus enables you to fully enjoy the pleasure brought about by iPhone.
    Reader: eBooks
    In addition to playing games, we can read novels on the iPhone. IPhone sounds like omnipotent. In fact, the hero behind is third-party iPhone software: eBooks.
    eBooks, very early third-party iPhone software, supports txt, html and many other formats. . It’s very convenient to read novels with eBooks. You can use iBrickr to bulk upload your favorite book to iPhone. When reading fiction, you can also choose your favorite text font size and color, background color, and so on.
    eBooks is the preferred iPhone software for guys who love reading novels.
    Video convert and manage: DVD to iPhone Suite
    Most of the video problems about iPhone can be sorted in two categories: how to convert DVD or other videos to iPhone supported video/audio formats; how to put video from windows/Mac to iPhone or vice versa. Xilisoft DVD to iPhone Suite offers you one-stop solution for these problems. Xilisoft DVD to iPhone Converter helps you to rip DVD to iPhone video/audio; Xilisoft iPhone video Converter helps you to convert all the popular video formats to iPhone video/audio. In addition, both windows and Mac versions are offered.
    The iPhone converter software series completely inherit the excellent tradition of Xilisoft: user-friendly interface, plentiful profiles including all the popular formats, multiple settings to meet personal demands, and super high speed.
    Theme personalize: SummerBoard
    iPhone has a very practical theme personalize iPhone software, called SummerBoard.
    After SummerBoard installed, you can choose the four built-in beautiful themes. SummerBoard allows you to add more themes, change theme icons, background, status bar, and so on.
    In addition, lots of ready-made beautiful themes can be found on the internet. Just download SummerBoard and decorate your iPhone right now!

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