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    Re: ufs3

    There some qoute from UFS Product Supporter.!!!
    DO NOT, perform this process unless you have Box Auth Error 20, update client reports "use Update Firmware to authorise UFS !" or you are advised to do so.
    1.  Run the update client.
    2.  Select your language.
    3.  Click "Next".
    4.  Wait until the "Update UFS Firmware" button is enabled and then click it.
    5.  Select req.fbi file, you will need to get this file from the support area.
    6.  After a few seconds the process will complete and create a file called xxxxxx.req. (where xxxxxx is your UFS serial number)
    7.  Send this file to your UFS reseller.
    8.  When you receive xxxxxx.fbi from your UFS reseller, perform steps 1-4 above.
    9.  Select xxxxxx.fbi
    10. After a few seconds your box will be authorised.
    Your UFS reseller is the only person who can help with this process, do not ask here in the forum, we will not generate xxxxxx.fbi files for you.
    1. the xxxxxx.fbi file sent by your UFS reseller is one time use only.
    2. once you have made the xxxxxx.req file, do not perform any other steps on the box, since this will cause the xxxxxx.fbi file to be out of sync.

    Hope may help'n.. ;).. n Get UFS3TooL here:

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