tutorial ganti UEM dari ponsel lain

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    how to repair ???? using 2nd hand uem

    this is the instruction..

    this is an actual step by step procedure

    this is the reading before i change uem...


    1st replace 2ndhand uem...must be good...

    after changing uem, read the uem in jaf to be sure that the uem you replace is good
    and to get also the serial number.

    open your jaf, check then go to imei tool, then read uem..

    must be like this..


    next step is making an ask file using ufs..

    just follow the instruction...


    must be like this..


    now you have ask file...done..

    next is calculating ask file to rpl...

    go to c, program file, odeon, p-key access..be sure that u have atleast
    10 credits or logs to use...

    do this...


    all done...

    you have the rpl..

    next and last step is writing rpl to unit...
    open ufs click check then write uem like stated below..


    after this open your rpl click it then



    writing uem done...

    Juast CoPas:D
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