V3xx - Anybody experience this?

Discussion in 'Motorola Hardware' started by peakcelln, Nov 9, 2008.

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    I had a customer bring in a liquid damaged v3xx. Nothing worked. So I stripped it down as usual, cleaned it out, let it dry, reassembled it and powered it back on. After two tries I got everything to work again, lcd, calling, speakers, mics, everything. Except the "1" key on the pad. So I figured it was an easy fix. I ordered a replacement keypad membrane, installed it, and the "1" key still didnt work. Then I decided it might be the Flex. So I took a v3xx that was fully working and started to cross reference the parts so I could Isolate the one that was malfunctioning. Much to my surprise it wasnt even the Flex, It was the LCD. In 15 years in this biz I never found a bad lcd have such an effect on one key on the pad? Does anyone know if this can be fixed off the lcd? I Broke the good one(Turns out the v3xx isnt disassembled like all the other v3's; but I couldnt find an disassembly instructions; you actually have to shim the inside lens like in the old Moto e815's) so I have to order another anyway...actually two now. Anyone heard of this?

    On a seperate note, is there a tool to convert the other languages on here to english? Thanx in adavnce.

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