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Discussion in 'BB5' started by ita80, Dec 9, 2008.

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    my nokia e65 dosn't turn on,i used the nokia uploader to upgrade my e65 to new firmaware,but durig the up grade apper me tha the connection betwen the phone and the pc is my nokia dosn't turn on ad a black screen appers....same resolution of my problem? i try the phoenix software but my phone dont comunicate with the usb cable...a will format the phone but it dosn't comunucate whit the pc...same resolution?...thanks
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    Did U have reading the Precaution/Warning on Nokia Website about the Fimware Updater ?!
    U must have a Very good Internet connection Speed also good connection between Phone & Computer to do that.
    Now .... U Learn don't U :)

    Ur problem can't solved using Phoenix Full Patch Software available in this forum, and also can't repairing by Formating or resetting because the phone firmware is damage !
    Like damage/hard error Operating System in Ur Computer You can't fix by reset the computer don't U :)
    U must use Repairing Box & Software like : JAF / UFS+HWK / MT Box / etc
    to Full Flash & Repairing Ur Damage (Firmware) Phone

    And then U have Only Pray that Ur Phone Certificate not broken by the failed process in Nokia Updater Software
    If that So ..... U have more cost to repair Your Phone :eek:

    Good Luck :rolleyes:

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