Replacement for Damage Thomas Pkey!! (16-12-08 till 16-01-09)

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    Customers who has Thomas Pkey and damage. Please send your Pkey to your reseller and they will send to me for replacement.
    Price for replacement: 4 euro. (Shipment not include).

    The Replacement period will be start from today 16/12/2008 until 16/01/2009. After this period will not have any replacement
    for damage pkey by using 3rd party software.
    Why i charge more than other. I have provide the Real working Version bb5 no tp solution for my user, Which is working and not killing pkey.
    You can always download from: v1.03.rar
    It is not my fault you risk your pkey with 3rd party software. If you want to replacement free, Please contact who sell you the 3rd party software.

    Now is time to tell customers some Warning:

    warning: BB5King can damage your pkey!
    As we check already all version of BB5king will damage your pkey.
    It will damage randomly or has Time bomb inside.

    Since 3rd Nov until before 1.08 release already has 27xx pcs damage. (Don't know what is the reason why they did that for?) After we release Thomas BB5 w/o TP, The Fake "*****" version release (The software look like our software but actually is not *****)
    We have check this so call "***** " same bug as BB5king (which can't repair phone with "0000000000000" and our bb5 no tp can repair!)

    Why someone release this *****? The main reason is to kill more pkey.
    Why they want to kill pkey? You need to ask the guy who make this software.

    So this replacement only 1 time!! IF You still using bb5king or "*****" it is on your own risk!!


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    Thanks for info

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