Gdfs Backup doesnt work

Discussion in 'Sony Ericsson' started by ludeen, Jan 13, 2009.

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    HELP omg this is the second time this has happened but last time i didnt have a backup.

    My dad will kill me if i have to buy a new phone.

    Ok i put the correct patch on my phone but it didnt work, no problem happens all the time and removes gdfs.

    This time i pressed write gdfs and it just says "executing cs loader gdfs startup" and stays like that for about 3 minutes then says opperational failed, that is fatel. What do i do????

    I have a gdfs backup but when i had the backup made it was a differant firmware. at the moment i have R4ea031 and i think before it was R4ed001 but when i open the gdfs in notepad it says somewhere

    2E0W ¹ Generic º  c»  CENT_EUROPE ¼ # CDA12345678/123 ½ - R2A ¾ # cxc1250324 ¿ - R4GC010

    Im guessing the R4GC010 is my firmware????

    Please reply soon i have a w810i cid49 red ( battery is fine)

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