Update MT BOX SE (20.01.2009 - DB2020 inside v6.2)

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    20.01.2009 - DB2020 inside v6.2

    Release notes:

    - Added unlock support for Locosto J132 with old mcu standalone
    - Added unlock support for Locosto J132 with new mcu via GT server
    - Backup and restore SP data for J132
    - Flash and language change for J132
    - Added reset total call time file for Neptune phones
    - Added reset user lock file for Neptune phones
    - Cable cheme for J132 available in documents folder
    - User and video manual updated


    - 20 GT server logs required for unlock via server per phone
    - Server work 24h
    - MT PRO BB5 credits also can be used for all services on SE server

    Rapidshare link:

    20.01.2009 - DB2020 inside v6.2

    Rapid share links are temporary links, all latest versions will be available for download until new version is realized.
    Usually you can download these files from support sites.

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