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    We are launching a new Gsm web site, which will guide you thru videos (Gsm videos)

    Presently we offering you assembly and disassembly videos of gsm cell phones

    But in future we are going to add other category videos also like, How to remove ic’s
    How to install GSM boxes ( Jaf, UB, Smart clip ……)

    How to flash phone

    And many more categories we are going to add

    And we add one section where you can your video request, here you can request if you want any video on your
    So take a look, and let us know your reviews, so we can improve this site

    And don’t forget to bookmark this site


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    Presently uploaded videos
    * Nokia
    o Nokia 5200/ 5300 - Assembly
    o Nokia 7370 Lower Block Disassembly & Assembly
    o nokia N81
    o Ngauge Qd assembly
    o Nokia N800 Dissection / Assembly
    o Lower block disassembly assembly NOKIA 5700
    o Nokia N82 Assembly - Repair Tutorial
    o Nokia 5610 Assembly
    o Nokia 6600 Assembly
    o nokia N93 Disassembly/Assembly video for Upper Block
    o NOKIA 7370 upperblock disassembly
    o Nokia 7370 lower block disassembly
    o Nokia 6280 lower block Disassembly
    o N80 Disassembly
    o nokia n82 disassembly
    o Nokia 6280 - 6288 Disassembly
    o nokia n91 disassembly
    o Nokia E70 Disassembly
    o Nokia N73 Disassembly
    o Nokia 6111 Disassembly byta skal Ta isär
    o Nokia 6120 frontal cover disassembly
    o Nokia 7710 disassembly
    o Nokia 6210 Navigator Disassembly
    o Nokia 6300 disassembly
    o Nokia N81 Disassembly Video
    o Nokia 3250 Disassembly
    o Nokia 6500 Disassembly
    o Nokia 3250 Disassembly part 2
    o Nokia 8800 Sirocco disassembly
    o Nokia 5500 Disassembly
    o Nokia 6085 Disassembly
    o nokia 5200/5300 disassembly
    o Nokia N81 Disassembly
    o Nokia 5600 slide disassembly video
    o Nokia 6120 LCD disassembly
    o nokia 6110 Disassembly
    o Nokia 8600 Disassembly
    o disassembly nokia 2255 part 1
    o Nokia N95 Assembly
    o disassembly nokia 2255 part 2
    o 3250 lower block disassembly
    o N82 Disassembly
    o Nokia N95 cell phone disassembly
    o N90 lower block disassembly
    o 6230i Disassembly
    o n90 upperblock disassembly
    o How to replace your Nokia 6280/6288 Screen/Ribbon/Keypad
    o nokia N78 assembly
    o How to change the LCD on your Nokia N95
    o Nokia 8800 Disassembly
    o 6300 disassembly
    o nokia 5700 disassembly
    * Sonyericsson
    o w880i Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o K800i Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o Sony Ericsson K610i disassembly
    o Sony Ericsson K800i K810i Disassembly Video
    o w600i Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o C902 Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o M600 Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o k660i Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o k850i Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o w710 Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o SonyEricsson K750 Disassembly Video
    o w850i Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o Sony Ericsson V640 Disassembly
    o K750 Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o z550 Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o S500i Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o z610i Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o w800 Sony Ericsson Disassembly
    o Disassembly my W580i (SECOND PART)
    o C902 Reassembly
    o Sony Ericsson W880i LCD Screen Replacement
    * Assembly Disassembly
    * Samsung
    o samsung D600 Disassembly
    o Samsung T629 Disassemble
    o D807 Disassembly
    o D500 assemble disassemble parte2
    o D500 assemble disassemble part 1
    * IPhone
    o iPhone Disassembly & Takeapart
    o iPhone Disassembly
    o iPhone 3G Disassembly & Screen Replacement Directions
    o iPhone Screen Replacement & Disassemble/TakeApart Directions
    o iPhone 3G Disassembly / Disassembling by iFixit
    o iPhone 3G Disassembly - Repair Tutorial
    o The iPhone Inside And Out
    o Easy & Fast iPhone 3G disassemble
    o iPhone 3G Disassembly And Screen Replacement Directions

    for hardware repairing training (Videos)


    * How to reball ic
    * BGA Reball & Reworking without special equippment
    * BGA ic Reballing - DEALZRUS
    * BGA Ic Reball & Replacing
    * How to resolder Small ic SMD Component
    * SMD Reflow Soldering
    * How to Do It: Basic Soldering
    * Professional SMT Soldering - Surface Mount
    * How to remove Glued Ic
    * How to reheat and get proper place to ball ic
    * Sim Tray Removing
    * Removing an IC with Hot Air Gun
    * Nokia N70 white light repair video

    # How to remove UEM

    * How to remove UEM 1st of 5 videos
    * How to remove UEM 2nd of 5 videos
    * How to remove UEM 3rd of 5 videos
    * How to remove UEM 4th of 5 videos
    * How to remove UEM 5th of 5 videos
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    New Sonyericsson Assembly & Disassembly Video (Original) added

    # W830 & W850 Disassembly
    # Z770 Assembly Upper Part
    # Z770 Assembly Lower Part
    # Z770 Disassembly Lower Part
    # Z770 Disassembly Upper Part
    # P1i Assembly
    # P1i Disassembly
    # K660i Disassembly
    # K660i Assembly
    # D750i & W800i Disassembly
    # W910 Assembly
    # W910 Disassembly
    # K850 Assembly
    # K850 Disassembly
    # W830 & W850 Assembly
    # K630i & V640i Assembly
    # K630i & V640i Disassembly
    # K770 Assembly
    # K770 Disassembly
    # G900 Assembly
    # G900 Disassembly
    # G700 Assembly
    # G700 Disassembly
    # G502 Assembly
    # G502 Disassembly
    # C902 Assembly
    # C902 Disassembly
    # C702 Disassembly
    # C702 Assembly
    # Xperia X1 - Disassembly Rear
    # Xperia X1 - Disassembly Front
    # Xperia X1 - Assembly Rear
    # Xperia X1 - Assembly Front
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    Meluncur menuju TKP juragan...
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