SIM-Lock Remover DB2010/DB2012 CID 49/50/51/52/53

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    his application can generate SIM-Lock remover vkp patches that you can use with SETool2 Lite, Far Manager with SEFP(Sony Ericsson Flash Plugin) and compatible tools. It is able to generate vkp patches for DB2010/DB2012 CID 49/50/51/52 MAIN firmwares(*.mbn, *.bin), but at the moment(dec. 2007) you can apply patches to DB2010 CID49 platform only(for free). You can also apply patches to any DB2010 CID49 cross flashed phone (e.g. DB2010 CID49 K310@W200
    just copas - No Tested
    bila bermanfaat... jgn lupa cendol timbangan.


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