RapidShare Plus v3.1 Final

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    RapidShare Plus v3.1 Final​


    Rapidshare Download Manager for Free Users
    This is a program that downloads a queue of Rapidshare links.
    1) Just add them or use the paste function.
    2) Select the folder to download to.
    3) Sit back and watch it download automatically
    Queue Autosave
    Advanced error-handeling
    Paste Function Improvment
    Minimize to tray function
    Change directory in the Queue
    Autoexecute in the Queue
    Preffered download server
    Add a Rapidshare linklist
    the next functions you can find in the menu under Config => Options...
    An autoexecute function
    Scheduler was moved to the config screen
    Balloon Notification
    Start Downloading on startup
    Start minimized
    Choose the retry timeout

    P.S.- It is said that AVG Antivirus detect it as a virus.But don`t worry
    i checked it with Avast AV and Nortor AV. And it is clean.

    Download :
    Moga bermanfaat bagi yang susah download di rapidshare....
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