About Invalid Simlock, and contact service by using SL_2 update

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    just copas only

    Dear Users,

    we know there are problems around our SL_2 update.
    Let me clear this story.

    Fisrt the RAP3G SL_2 phones:

    If u try to unlock this phones sometimes u will get Contact Service problem. In this case please write any phone specific PM [1], [309] block while using PM auth. Same solution as after RPL writing. U will get your phone back from Contact service. And it will be also unlocked.

    RAPIDO SL_2 problems:

    5800, N96, 5220, 6220, N85 phones have write protected PM 308 block. Our solution will write back the calculated (unlocked) PM blocks (120 and 308). But as i told u before, this phones have write protected 308 block, so only the PM 120 will be changed and in this case the phone will have Invalid lockinfo.
    We are working on this problem, so don't worry, u will have solution for this phones too.
    You can restore the PM 120 block to the original state, because UB have backup from this block at BB5/Backup folder.

    If u have credits lost, also don't worry. Just write private messages to Mobiledoctor or to me, and we will transfer all credits back.

    I hope u can understand the problems now.

    Br.: UB Team

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