DesignProVideo Tutorial:Deeper Into Illustrator(Illustrator CS4 201)

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    DesignProVideo Tutorial:Deeper Into Illustrator(Illustrator CS4 201) | 208.21 Mb

    This tutorial is available!

    Get deeper into Illustrator CS4 by watching this Level 2 Illustrator CS 4 tutorial. Produced by veteran technical author and educator Kelly Murdock, this tutorial shows you how to warp, distort & liquify objects, how to apply complex graphical effects and filters, and also how to work with 3D objects in illustrator CS4. Additionally, you'll learn important tips for tracing graphics, creating customized graphs, and making charts in this new version of Illustrator.

    This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch every video. Use the detailed menu structure and keyword search function to quickly find topics of interest. For a full list of this Illustrator tutorials topics, see the Table of Contents below.

    Section 1: Distorting Objects

    01. Using the Warp Tool
    02. Using the Liquify Tools
    03. Distorting Objects with the Free Transform Tool
    04. Distorting with Envelopes
    05. Creating Blends
    06. Blending Along a Custom Path
    07. Creating Compound Paths
    08. Punching Holes in Filled Objects

    Section 2: Using Symbols and Styles

    09. Introducing the Symbols Panel
    10. Using the Symbolism Tools
    11. Using Graphic Styles
    12. Using the Eyedropper Tool to Apply Attributes

    Section 3: Applying Effects

    13. Accessing the Effects Gallery
    14. Changing Object Settings in the Appearance Panel
    15. Changing Parameters in the Appearance Panel
    16. Creating Object Mosaics
    17. Using the Warp Effects
    18. Applying Distortion Effects
    19. Using the Transform Effect
    20. Adding Crop Marks
    21. Adding Arrowheads to a Path
    22. Adding a Drop Shadow
    23. Using the Feather and Round Corners Effects
    24. Applying Inner and Outer Glow Effects
    25. Using the Scribble Effect

    Section 4: Creating 3D Objects

    26. Revolving a Profile to Create a 3D Object
    27. Changing Lighting and Shading on 3D Objects
    28. Mapping Symbols onto 3D Objects
    29. Creating Extruded 3D Objects
    30. Changing the Bevel Options
    31. Rotating Objects in 3D Space

    Section 5: Tracing Images

    32. Using Live Trace
    33. Using Live Trace with Live Paint
    34. Using Setting Presets

    Section 6: Creating and Editing Graphs

    35. Creating Graphs
    36. Adding Categories and Labels
    37. Setting Graph Options
    38. Switching Between Graph Types
    39. Working with Graph Data
    40. Changing Graph Column Designs

    Section 7: Working with Actions

    41. Working with Actions
    42. Recording Custom Actions
    43. Slicing Graphics for the Web
    44. Using the Transparency Flattener
    45. Accessing the Separations Preview.

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