H39 calibrate failed

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    1. connect cable from box to device
    2. run "Infinity-Box Shell" software
    3. select required model
    4. run required software module
    5. select required model (if need)
    6. go to software "Settings" page and select COM port
    7. make full flash backup for emergency case
    8. go to software "Service" page
    9. select calibration "mode-1"
    10. make "Reverse calibration order" un-checked
    11. press "Calibrate touchscrren" button and follow instruction given by software
    12. if software can not make calibration with "detection failed" error:
    - select other calibration mode (f.e. "mode-2", "mode-3" etc. one by one)
    - repeat calibration process
    - test phone after each "mode" try
    13. if calibration process finished without errors but touchscreen can not work well:
    - DO NOT change calibration "mode" !
    - make "Reverse calibration order" option checked
    - repeat calibration process again
    - test phone
    14. if still no luck with calibration after all tries:
    - make full flash backup for emergency case
    - make "format ffs"
    - Power-On phone
    - Power-Off phone by "Power" button (do NOT remove battery)
    - Repeat "Calibration" operation again
    - if still no luck read full flash and send to support with subject: touchscreen calibration failed

    1 Juga metodenya ga ada yang berhasil ???? :confused::confused::confused: ada solusi lain :confused::confused::confused: Help :confused::confused::confused:

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