Cyclone box..siap dikirim!!!

Discussion in 'Perlengkapan Servis Ponsel' started by ddokar, Apr 10, 2009.

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    untuk wilayah JATENG DAN SEKITARNYA
    CYCLONE BOX siap dikirim!!!;)


    ym: ddokar
    call/sms: 0271-3080488/08112633378

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    Cyclone Installer v1.01 30-03-2009 (2009-04-02)

    - One click downgrade repair for BB5 added. Works on phones which after downgrade failing to boot (hang up on NOKIA screen) - this includes phones which dont had patched 308 before flashing. No need to full erase, etc. Just one click and 20 seconds, fast, and safe.
    - SX4 Bypass added. If phone can't be authorized due to corrupted superdongle key or server problems, you can use this to write protected PM Records (1, 309). No need to full erase, etc. Fast and safe.
    - DCT4 "SIMLOCK SERVER" Relock fixed (5000, 2630)
    - Check Flashing Bus for BB5 Added
    - Fixed registration process, when blank arguments are used
    - Fixed registration process, when invalid input data are used (i.e. special Russian chars)
    - Fixed invalid date/time problem while box maintenance (upgrade) on some timezones
    - Added in "Settings/General" option to skip box selftests (use when box selftest subsystem is damaged)
    - Resellers list during registration is now displayed in ascending order
    - Skin Stack updated to v6.21
    - Added DCT4plus new security unlock patches
    RH-116 7070p v6.82 - new security
    RM-258 2760 v6.82 - new security
    RM-298 2630 v6.82 - new security
    RM-340 2600c v6.82 - new security
    RM-362 5000d v5.27 - new security
    RM-362 5000d v5.45 - new security
    RM-392 2680s v6.82 - new security
    RM-394 1680c v6.82 - new security
    - USB Drivers updated to, this no more conflicting MicroBox
    - Versions snap
    Installer v1.01
    Main x86 Application v1.0.0.6634
    x86 Memory Manager v4.92
    Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.3
    USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0
    Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.08
    Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.00
    Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09
    Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.8.0
    BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20090315 (Mixed)
    DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20090315 (v7.4.77.0)
    DCT4 Unlock Patches v20090326
    Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008
    Skin Stack v6.21
    Download link:

    support site,check this.
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