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    Fresh Install
    1) Install msxml6_x86.msi (ignore if already installed on your system)
    2) Install vcredist_x86.exe (ignore if already installed on your system)
    3) InstallNokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver.msi
    4) InstallNokia_Flashing_Cable_Driver.msi
    5) InstallNokia_Service_Tool_Drivers.msi
    6) Install FLS-4Drv1.34.exe (Install this only if you are facing problem otherwise)
    7) InstallPhoenix_Service_Software.msi(Version 2009)
    This is a fixed release and dongle fix patch may not be required.
    8. Fix Dongle by installingPhoenix_2006_2009_fixer.exe
    1) Install FLS-4Drv1.34.exe (only if step 2 shows error)
    2) InstallPhoenix_Service_Software.msi(newer Version 2009)
    3) Fix Dongle by installingPhoenix_2006_2008_fixer.exe(only if it asks for dongle)
    Using Phoenix - quick walk through
    1) Run the program
    2) Create User if it asks to.
    3) Connection, select USB and apply it.
    - Supports deadphones
    - Firmware downgrade (you need security card for that).
    4) Connect phone, select scan product.
    5) Get flashing!
    Full Visual guide is available here
    If you are having trouble installing phoenix fresh / upgrade
    Because you have pc suite, nokia software updater etc installed or any other conflict
    Do these steps and goto top ^ Fresh install
    System Preparation
    - Uninstall Nokia PC Suite, Nokia SoftwareUpdater and any other Nokia Stuff.
    - Uninstall Nokia Drivers like connectivity, flash cable, modem driver etc.
    - Reboot PC.
    - Clean temporary files and registry using your favourite software, if youdon'thave one get
    - Reboot PC.
    Once phoenix is installed, you can install Nokia stuff also.
    To download firmware files from nokia
    Run phoenix> goto Tools> Image file download
    Enter your product code.
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