Fonwar IM v3.01 Beta

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    Fonwar IM (Latest version v3.01)
    Join the world's best mobile chat service. Millions & millions of users, hundreds of thousands of fun chat rooms, emoticons, profiles, SMS & more! Works on over 2,000 handsets.

    New Features
    You can now select individual Instant Messengers to log on to!

    Highly Compatible
    Fonwar IM is only 86kb in memory space and support phones of all sizes! It’s light weight allows easy installation and smooth start up!

    Thousands of linked chatrooms!
    Chat in one of Fonwar’s many chatrooms filled with rich emoticons (smiley faces and winks!) and is accessible from wap and web as well! Furthermore you can create new chatrooms which your friends can join!
    Managing your chatrooms is made easier with the Fonwar IM as you can kick someone you don’t like in your chatroom! Furthermore you can block troublesome users from ever entering your chatroom again!

    The Fonwar IM!
    Chat with friends online on your mobile using the Fonwar instant messenger! Express your feelings through emoticons on messenger as well!

    Cheap SMS
    Make use of Fonwar’s excellent SMS services and low price of only 200 MGold! MGold is easily earned; everything you do on the Fonwar Community Website earns your MGold! Logging in, having photo or video of the month, joining special all earns you MGold!

    Mobile Fun!
    Subscribe to a mobile fun and get daily sms updates on jokes, love, horoscopes, ringtones, music, wallpapers and games! All for only a low price of 50 MGold per sms!

    Tournament Games!
    Certain games from Fonwar are tournament games! Where the top ten players on the Hall of Fame will earn MGold on a weekly basis! Play games and be the best on Fonwar. MGold earn can also be used to redeem prizes describe in the following section.

    Redeem Prizes!
    If you are an active user of Fonwar you will realize something. You will be flooded with large amount of MGold! So what can you do with MGold? Redeem prizes from the gift shop! Fonwar offers excellent gift redemption like psp, computers, and many more! You can also send virtual gifts to your friends to express yourself! Virtual gifts are limited and thus can worth a lot of MGold later! Currently available to selected countries.

    Link with the Wap Site!
    Much of the function Fonwar IM is linked with the Fonwar wap and website! This allows much easier access for you and your friends! Your friends using Fonwar IM can chat with you even though are comfortable at home on your PC!

    Download Fonwar IM today by either going to on your mobile browser or by scrolling below. You can also register at and start making new friends while earning MGold!

    You will get all of the following and more!

    Fonwar Community:
    • IM like MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, AIM
    • Instant Messenger (Fonwar IM)
    • Email
    • Chatrooms

    • Cheap sms at only 200 MGold per sms

    Mobile Fun:
    • Wallpapers
    • Ringtones
    • Horoscope updates
    • Music
    • Games
    • Chatroom Management
    • Jokes
    • Love

    Fonwar Community:

    Chat with anyone, anywhere and in any language inside Fonwar’s many chatrooms! Talk with your friends on the wap, website or the mobile application! Each chatroom also supports many emoticons and easy management allowing you to kick and block other users. Join a chatroom or create one today!


    Instant Messenger:
    Chat with friends online on your mobile using the Fonwar instant messenger! Express your feelings through emoticons on messenger as well!

    Mobile Fun:

    Tournament Games:
    If you subscribe to our game Mobile Fun you will receive sms updates with a link to download Fonwar’s latest tournament games! The top ten of each tournament earns MGold weekly and can be used to redeemed prizes and gifts! Every two months we will have a new tournament game available and you can get it from the sms you receive when you subscribe to our Mobile Fun services!

    Join Now!
    Are you ready to join our mobile community? Go to on your mobile browser or scroll below to download or you can join our excellent website community at

    To find more details about the download and registration process, please visit
    After you joined and registered your mobile you will be given a lump sum of MGold. You will also receive a large lump sum if you decide to upgrade your service to VIP status!

    Installation Guide:
    If you are very familiar with installing applications with a cable to your PC and then transferring it to your phone, you can try installing the Fonwar IM application by opening the *.zip file and installing it for your phone. You should be able to do this by Bluetooth or by cable depending on what hardware you have.

    Click here to Download
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