Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools 11.2

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    Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools 11.2

    Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools - Utility to test any EIDE hard drive Webbased diagnostic utility to test any EIDE hard drive

    The downloadable Data Lifeguard Tools now comes in both DOS and Windows versions and was written specifically for the installation of Western Digital EIDE hard drives.

    If your PC already has a HDD installed with an OS of Windows 98SE or greater, you should use the Windows version of Data Lifeguard for best results.

    The DOS version is required if installing a hard drive in a new system without existing operating system support. If you plan on copying the contents of a boot drive, Western Digital recommends using the DOS version of Data Lifeguard Tools.

    - Extract and run the Dlgsetup11_win.exe file.
    - Read and accept the license agreement to continue.
    - Once installed, you will be prompted to run the program or may run the program manually from either the programs menu or from the shortcut on your desktop.
    - You will see the following options:
    - VIEW INSTALLATION TUTORIAL - Instructions on how to connect your new hard drive to the computer.
    - SETUP YOUR HARD DRIVE - Setup a hard drive already connected to your computer.
    - DRIVE-TO-DRIVE COPY - Copy all the files or a specific folder from one drive to another.
    - HARD DRIVE INFORMATION - Jumper Settings and other technical information about your hard drive.
    - Select the task you wish to perform.


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