UCWEB 6.5 Beta Java Translated by mannuforall

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    UCWEB 6.5 Beta Java Translated by mannuforall

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    Representing most waited Ucweb 6.5 beta Chinese to English and Hindi, yes now Ucweb in Hindi for specially Indian user unofficial translated version. With new 6.5 logo [​IMG] All my style of menu manes. Here I provided 5 Flavors of lovely Ucweb. Released : 17 April 2009
    Download count more than 20000 just in few days, [​IMG] Thanks to Ucwebians [​IMG]

    New Features:
    1) Introducing Auto-Refresh function for wap sites.
    2) Introducing new Download Block feature.
    3) Pre added 2 bookmarks 1 for Ucweb forum and 2nd for wap.ucweb.ocm. [​IMG]
    4) A new fast and prompt operation.
    5) New feature to send url or image as SMS messages.
    Function Optimization:
    1) Using the new name of "UC browser" (do not overwrite the old version);
    2) Optimization of S40 mobile phone to deal with initialization (CMNET);
    3) Optimization of smart web site to increase the completion bbs;
    4) Optimization of operations (in response to touch screen, long press the navigation cursor processing).
    Bug Fixes
    1) Touch screen mobile phone can not use the shortcut in the bookmarks menu interface;
    2) To resolve some compatibility issues page;
    3) WEB page picture to enlarge 300% invalid issues;
    4) So after the operation to clear the flow of history leading to the loss of input problems;
    5) Sony Ericsson mobile phones can not respond to press back button to return to the issue.

    Auto Refresh Feature: With this you can set a wapsite/mobile site to auto refresh at specified time. For exp open wap.ucweb.com and form Menu- Preference- Auto Refresh, in box enter a time value in seconds and press OK. Now page will auto refresh after specified time. This helpful for chatting sites.

    Download Block Feature: Network providers always make a limit on download size especially proxy based connection but not always same. For e.g some operator has a limit the max size to 2M.
    UCWEB makes it possible to break the limit so that you can download big files with your mobile. UCWEB cuts up one big file into several smaller pieces, and the Block Size as you mentioned is the size of those pieces but the size of the file.
    So just phone your network operator and ask them for the max size, defined the Block Size as the max size or lower, then you're able to download big files. For download block size goto Menu- Preference- Basic Settings and look for download block size.

    UA Fixed: For exp when you visiting Google.com Ucweb moved to wap version of Google. In this new updated version this problem has been fixed slightly. All Links are updated with fixed UA (user agent) versions. To enable this feature select Opera in Menu- Preference- Basic Settings- User Agent.



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