Boxing Bison Bubba 3.0

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    Boxing Bison Bubba 3.0

    Boxing Bison Bubba - This game is a real comedy! This game is a real comedy and exciting to the end! You are a bison (bisons are sorts of cows). And this bison is fighting in the ring for the title of a heavyweight cow champion of the world. The strategy of this free funny sports game is to use all a bison has to defeat your opponent. Yes, you can even use your udders to give your opponent a horrible slap in his face. You can even use your horns and play a bit dirty. But hey, so will your opponents use everything they have to knock you down. Yes, your opponents are bisons too and they are ready for some kicks under the belt! If you have never seen a couple of silly cows boxing in the ring, well now it�s your chance to see them. Playing Boxing Bison Bubba free sports game is something you really should try. You will be laughing and having fun at the same time. Play it now, it is free.
    Lumayan, bisa buat hiburan anak2 :D

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