ClearProg 1.5.1 Beta 8

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    ClearProg deletes surfing tracks of web browsers. The supported browsers are: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, FireFox and Opera.

    ClearProg cleans:

    • cookies (with exclusion possibility)
    • history
    • temporary internet files (cache)
    • the registered URLs
    • autocompleting entries in webforms
    • download lists of the Netscape/Opera
    Also deletes:

    • recycle bin
    • document files in the starting menu
    • windows temp files
    • execute entries in the startmenu
    • file lists of ms Office programs
    • file lists of the Windows Media Player and the RealPlayer
    • own files with filter (can be selected)
    • plugIn-function for independent inserting of erasing processes
    Supported languages: German, English, Dutch, France, Czech, Italiano, Russian, Spanish and Thai.
    What’s New in version 1.5.1 Beta 8:

    • Error 6 ‘Overflow / Overflow “fixed (occurred while activating a lot of plugins)
    • Error 380 “invalid value” fixed (occurs in rare cases when to activate the plugins)
    • Logfensters for option “Deletion options Hide” corrected (when changing the overall window size, the sight of the bottom cut off Logfensters)
    • At the office fighting the options was done-only tick the option “Access” is displayed

    jangan lupa ijo2:D:D:D:D

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