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    iClickster - MP3 Search and Downloader MP3 Search and Downloader. Also MySpace and SHOUTcast Ripper

    Clickster is an easy to use software which searches and downloads mp3 files from the Internet

    Because Clickster sources mp3's which are hosted on web servers, you can expect download speeds which put P2P networks to shame. With currently over 30 million tracks available to download (and growing), we're certain Clickster will be able to locate the music you really want to listen to and there are no dead/broken links. Of course, the good news about Clickster doesn't stop there.

    Users can easily compile Playlists of mp3's which they have found online, configure their own media player and in two clicks of the mouse, Clickster will deliver the code for you to Embed your Playlist and Media Player into any webpage, blog or MySpace area. That's right! No hosting and no downloading!

    Lovers of Internet Radio from ShoutCast will already be familiar with the excellent CD quality music which can be accessed from any of the thousands of broadcasters available. Clickster not only allows you tune into any of these radio stations, but offers a full Stream Ripping feature.

    Just click on the Record Stream button and Clickster will rip every track broadcast and save it as a separate mp3 file directly to your PC; complete with Artist and Track name. Clickster will even save these ripped tracks directly to your iPod or mp3 player and because Clickster records these tracks directly from the stream and not your sound card, the excellent sound quality is preserved and there is no corruption from any other sounds your PC may make while recording.

    Clickster is without rival in providing the most comprehensive listings of mp3 tracks to be found on the Net. And it even comes with a MySpace Music Ripper! In addition to installing Clickster on your PC, it can be installed or copied onto a Flash Drive and run from there.

    iClickster features:

    - Search and Download MP3s from the Internet (NOT Peer-2-Peer)
    - Rip Tacks from thousands of Internet Radio Stations
    - Download Tracks from MySpace* Music
    - Compile Playlists and embed them, with player, into own pages
    - Download Tracks Directly onto iPod or MP3-Player
    - Clickster can be run from a USB Data-Stick

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