MobilEdit v2.1.0.6 with SN

Discussion in 'PC Software' started by asgh, Nov 23, 2006.

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    MobilEdit V2.1.0.6 With SN

    part1 & part2............

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    Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.............

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    kurang 5 part lagi besok aja dilanjut
    udah mau kerja nih.............
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    fungsi apa bos?
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    apa fungsinya bos ? atau
    fungsinya apa bos ?
    itu mungkin pertanyaannya :D

    Ini buat koneksi ponsel ke PC
    dan hampir mendukung semua merk ponsel
    Nokia, Samsung, Sony/Ericsson, Philips, LG, Siemens, Motorola, dll
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    Thank's Boss udah bantu ngasih penjelasan
    soale aku jarang online
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    Part 6, part 7, part 8
    kurang dua lagi..........

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    Part 9, Part 10
    akhirnya selesai....
    susah uploadnya......

    ringtone, gambar, phone book, SMS
    hampir semua tipe HP

    Link THANK'S Please

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    MOBILedit! is a unique modular program that allows you to control your mobile phone from a PC via Bluetooth, infrared or cable. You can easily transfer photos and documents or upload your favorite ringtones, games, and MP3's to your phone. You can dial, send multimedia messages, backup phone content, organize contacts, play games and much more all from your PC. MOBILedit! is designed as an operating system so you can enhance its functionality by adding new plug-in applications and drivers.

    Number of mobile phones supported by latest version: 306

    Alcatel One Touch 331
    Alcatel One Touch 332
    Alcatel One Touch 500
    Alcatel One Touch 511
    Alcatel One Touch 512
    Alcatel One Touch 525
    Alcatel One Touch 526
    Alcatel One Touch 535
    Alcatel One Touch 700
    Alcatel One Touch 715
    Alcatel One Touch 735
    Ericsson A2618s
    Ericsson A2628s
    Ericsson R310s
    Ericsson R320s
    Ericsson R520m
    Ericsson R600
    Ericsson T20s
    Ericsson T28s
    Ericsson T39m
    Ericsson T65
    Ericsson T68
    Kyocera SE44
    LG 510w
    LG C1200
    LG C3320
    LG G3000
    LG G5200
    LG G5300
    LG G5310
    LG G5400
    LG G5500
    LG G7000
    LG G7020
    LG G7030
    LG G7050
    LG G7100
    LG LX1200
    LG VI5225
    LG VX4400
    LG VX6000
    LG VX6100
    LG VX7000
    LG W3000
    LG W5200
    LG W7000
    LG W7020
    Motorola A1000
    Motorola A835
    Motorola C250
    Motorola C385
    Motorola C450
    Motorola C550
    Motorola C650
    Motorola E1
    Motorola E1000
    Motorola E1070
    Motorola E398
    Motorola E550
    Motorola K1
    Motorola L2
    Motorola L6
    Motorola L7
    Motorola L7e
    Motorola L7v
    Motorola T190
    Motorola T720
    Motorola T720c
    Motorola T720i
    Motorola T730
    Motorola Timeport 280
    Motorola U6
    Motorola V120t
    Motorola V180
    Motorola V186
    Motorola V220
    Motorola V235
    Motorola V3
    Motorola V300
    Motorola V360
    Motorola V3c
    Motorola V3i
    Motorola V3iv
    Motorola V3x
    Motorola V3xv
    Motorola V3xx
    Motorola V500
    Motorola V505
    Motorola V547
    Motorola V551
    Motorola V6
    Motorola V60
    Motorola V600
    Motorola V60i
    Motorola V60t
    Motorola V60t Color
    Motorola V620
    Motorola V635
    Motorola V66
    Motorola V66i
    Motorola V70
    Motorola V710
    Motorola V80
    Motorola V975
    Nokia 2100
    Nokia 3100
    Nokia 3105
    Nokia 3120
    Nokia 3200
    Nokia 3210
    Nokia 3220
    Nokia 3230
    Nokia 3310
    Nokia 3330
    Nokia 3360
    Nokia 3410
    Nokia 3510
    Nokia 3510i
    Nokia 3650
    Nokia 3660
    Nokia 5100
    Nokia 5110
    Nokia 5140
    Nokia 5140i
    Nokia 5210
    Nokia 6020
    Nokia 6021
    Nokia 6070
    Nokia 6080
    Nokia 6100
    Nokia 6101
    Nokia 6103
    Nokia 6110
    Nokia 6111
    Nokia 6150
    Nokia 6170
    Nokia 6210
    Nokia 6220
    Nokia 6225
    Nokia 6230
    Nokia 6230i
    Nokia 6250
    Nokia 6260
    Nokia 6310
    Nokia 6310i
    Nokia 6510
    Nokia 6600
    Nokia 6610
    Nokia 6610i
    Nokia 6630
    Nokia 6670
    Nokia 6680
    Nokia 6681
    Nokia 6800
    Nokia 6810
    Nokia 6820
    Nokia 6822
    Nokia 7110
    Nokia 7200
    Nokia 7210
    Nokia 7250
    Nokia 7250i
    Nokia 7260
    Nokia 7270
    Nokia 7280
    Nokia 7360
    Nokia 7380
    Nokia 7600
    Nokia 7610
    Nokia 7650
    Nokia 7710
    Nokia 8210
    Nokia 8250
    Nokia 8310
    Nokia 8800
    Nokia 8810
    Nokia 8850
    Nokia 8910
    Nokia 8910i
    Nokia 9300
    Nokia 9300i
    Nokia 9500
    Nokia N70
    Nokia N90
    Nokia N-Gage
    Nokia N-Gage QD
    Panasonic GD67
    Panasonic X700
    Philips 530
    Philips 535
    Philips 630
    Philips 650
    Philips 755
    Philips Fisio 620
    Philips Fisio 625
    Philips Fisio 820
    Philips Fisio 822
    Philips Fisio 825
    Samsung SGH-A800
    Samsung SGH-C100
    Samsung SGH-D410
    Samsung SGH-D500
    Samsung SGH-D500E
    Samsung SGH-D600E
    Samsung SGH-E100
    Samsung SGH-E300
    Samsung SGH-E330
    Samsung SGH-E330N
    Samsung SGH-E335
    Samsung SGH-E600
    Samsung SGH-E630
    Samsung SGH-E700
    Samsung SGH-E710
    Samsung SGH-E715
    Samsung SGH-E800
    Samsung SGH-P400
    Samsung SGH-S100
    Samsung SGH-S300
    Samsung SGH-S300M
    Samsung SGH-S500
    Samsung SGH-V200
    Samsung SGH-X100
    Samsung SGH-X200
    Samsung SGH-X450
    Samsung SGH-X460
    Samsung SGH-X480
    Samsung SGH-X600
    Samsung SGH-X640
    Samsung SPH-A660
    Siemens A65
    Siemens A75
    Siemens AX75
    Siemens C35
    Siemens C35i
    Siemens C45
    Siemens C55
    Siemens C60
    Siemens C65
    Siemens C72
    Siemens C75
    Siemens CF62
    Siemens CF75
    Siemens CX65
    Siemens CX70
    Siemens CX75
    Siemens CXT65
    Siemens M35i
    Siemens M50
    Siemens M55
    Siemens M65
    Siemens M75
    Siemens MC60
    Siemens ME45
    Siemens ME75
    Siemens MT50
    Siemens S35i
    Siemens S45
    Siemens S45i
    Siemens S55
    Siemens S65
    Siemens SK65
    Siemens SL45
    Siemens SL45i
    Siemens SL55
    Siemens SL65
    Siemens SX1
    Sony Ericsson D750i
    Sony Ericsson J300i
    Sony Ericsson K300i
    Sony Ericsson K310i
    Sony Ericsson K320i
    Sony Ericsson K500i
    Sony Ericsson K510i
    Sony Ericsson K600i
    Sony Ericsson K610i
    Sony Ericsson K700i
    Sony Ericsson K750i
    Sony Ericsson K790i
    Sony Ericsson K800i
    Sony Ericsson P800
    Sony Ericsson P900
    Sony Ericsson P910i
    Sony Ericsson S700i
    Sony Ericsson T200
    Sony Ericsson T230
    Sony Ericsson T290i
    Sony Ericsson T300
    Sony Ericsson T310
    Sony Ericsson T610
    Sony Ericsson T61c
    Sony Ericsson T630
    Sony Ericsson T68i
    Sony Ericsson V630i
    Sony Ericsson W300i
    Sony Ericsson W550i
    Sony Ericsson W700i
    Sony Ericsson W800i
    Sony Ericsson W810i
    Sony Ericsson W850i
    Sony Ericsson W900i
    Sony Ericsson Z1010
    Sony Ericsson Z520i
    Sony Ericsson Z530i
    Sony Ericsson Z550i
    Sony Ericsson Z600
    Sony Ericsson Z610i

    Activation Key: M5F8C-FHACG-C8FYU-4H47J-13S2A
    Name: Taikonaut

    Activation Key: M5FP5-FHAEV-C696N-S541F-U9BW9
    Name: Hong Pham


    N get more on
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    matur suwun boss!!!!!

    izin sedoootttt
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    izin sedooot
    matur nuwun, terima kasih
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    :clap:Mak nyuuusss, txxxxxxxxxx...............
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    ijin sedot boss:thumb::thumb::thumb:

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