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    06.02.2007 17:31
    NsPro v1.9.5 released:
    Added support for i607 Blackjack, i600, i320.

    02.02.2007 16:52
    NsPro v1.9.4 released:
    Added full support for X160B. Fixed E370, D820, D900 IMEi write bug. Fixed P200 UNLOCK/ IMEI write bug.

    31.01.2007 19:33
    NsPro v1.9.3b released:
    Fixed smartcard updating problem, Added support for SGH-A707. Improved communication protocol for new Zxxx phones. Is highly recomanded to upgrade to last software version.

    30.01.2007 21:48
    NsPro v1.9.3 released:
    Added E250 flashing feature. Improved E250 unlocking/Unfreezing featurel.Other minor bugs fixed.

    27.01.2007 18:47
    NsPro v1.9.2 beta released:
    Added E250 direct unlock. Improved flashing protocol for C130, X160, X210, X510, X520, X530

    16.01.2007 20:12
    NsPro v1.8.0 released:
    Unlock, IMEI change support added for: A501, A701, P200, P910, P920, Z230, Z310, Z330, Z350, Z360, Z370, Z400, Z520, Z540, Z550, Z560, Z600, Z710, Z720, ZV40, ZV50, ZX20. X160, X210 flashing bug fixed.

    15.12.2006 13:19
    NsPro v1.7.4c beta released:
    Added support for all versions of X510, X520, X530. Fixed other minor bugs.

    09.12.2006 06:41
    NsPro v1.7.4b released:
    Added support for E890, X520, X830. Fixed X510, X530, X700 operation bugs. Fixed Swift unlocking bugs. Fixed C130, X160 flashing bugs.

    03.12.2006 17:00
    NsMultiUnlock v1.0.3 released
    Direct Unlock/ Read codes supported for Treo, Smartphones (PDA), Blackerry, LG, Pantech, Motorola Iden phones. More phone models will be added soon.NsMultiUnlock is a payd addon to NsPro.

    03.12.2006 15:51
    NsPro v1.7.3 released:
    Fixed communication, unlocking, IMEI change prolems, Fixed update problems, NsPro activator updated.

    25.11.2006 19:44
    NsPro v1.7.0 released:
    Added support for C300, C400, P310, X510, X530. Update server changed. Older NsPro versions will stop working. Please update to new version to continue using NsPro.

    09.11.2006 20:40
    NsPro v1.6.1b released:
    X500 flashing/IMEI change bugs fixed. X680 IMEI change bug fixed. N710, C130 flashing improved.

    02.11.2006 13:43
    NsPro v1.6.1a released:
    Fixed new Swift unlocking bug from v1.6.1. Is highly recomanded to use last software version.

    30.10.2006 22:22
    NsPro v1.6.1 released:
    T619 operations bugs fixed. Agere unlocking bugs fixed. Improved software functionality. Is highly recomanded to update to last software version.

    15.10.2006 14:24
    NsPro v1.5.4 released:
    Added Z400, Z560, ZV50 flashing support.

    12.10.2006 20:20
    NsPro v1.5.3b released:
    Improved communication protocol. Fixed some communication bugs from older versions. Automatic driver fix added.

    09.10.2006 19:07
    NsPro v1.5.3 released:
    Added unlock feature for Z150. Added full support for S401i, S501i. Improved flashing protocol for C130, X160, X630 and X680

    06.10.2006 19:56
    NsPro v1.5.2 released:
    Added IMEI repair feature for Sanyo S750, S750i, LG U8210, U8290. Added full support for E380, T619, T629. Improved restore calibration data for Swift phones with MSL security. Improved communication for Zxxx phones.

    27.09.2006 16:23
    NsPro v1.5c released:
    Fixed Agere auto power on bug, fixed minor Skyworks communication bug.

    26.09.2006 23:49
    NsPro v1.5b released:
    Improved new Agere unlocking protocol. Fixed minor Sysol flashing bug.

    24.09.2006 00:28
    NsPro v1.5 released:
    X650 unlock bug fixed. Added flashing support for X650, P910, P920, Z150, Z230, Z540, ZV40. Improved communication protocol.

    21.09.2006 09:08
    NsPro v1.4.2 released:
    This is release version of NsPro v1.4.2. I recomand to all users to use this version instead beta version. Agere flashing improved. Other minor bugs fixed.

    19.09.2006 20:24
    NsPro v1.4.2 beta released:
    Calibration data repair added for all Swift phones with MSL security. E780 flashing bugs fixed. Agere minor flashing bugs fixed. T519 support added.

    31.08.2006 16:26
    FREE addon:
    FREE BlackBerry logs available for NsPro and NsDongle customers.

    31.08.2006 16:25
    NsPro v1.3c released:
    Improved Agere flashing protocol. Fixed sysol flashing bugs. NsPro UK version released. Both versions are available for download on NsPro support area.

    26.08.2006 17:57
    NsPro v1.3c released:
    Improved communication for Agere and Swift phones. Fixed sysol TFS flashing bugs. Factory Reset, Service reset, Full SVC Reset available for all Agere phones. This features can be used to repair software problems on new Agere phones.

    24.08.2006 22:37
    NsPro v1.3 released:
    Direct IMEI repair available for D900, D820, E370, E500, E780, X670 and ALL Swift phones with MSL security.Super fast USB flashing mode available for Agere phones.

    06.08.2006 21:08
    NsPro v1.2 released:
    Bypas MSL security added for C130, D830, D840, E870, E900, P900, X820 and all new Agere phones. No need to remove MSL security to Unlock/Rebuild IMEI on Agere phones. New version is available for download on official web site and on NsPro support area.

    02.08.2006 19:57
    NsPro v1.11d beta released:
    E500, X500, X680 support added. Software available for download on NsPro support area.

    29.07.2006 19:39
    NsPro v1.11b released:
    X670 unlock/flashing bugs fixed. ZV30 flashing bugs fixed. More features will be added soon.

    12.07.2006 19:42
    NsPro v1.05c released
    X820, T209, T319 support added. D820 TFS flashing bug fixed. Replaced box drivers. To avoid drivers missmach, PLZ uninstall old drivers and install new drivers.

    04.07.2006 12:24
    NsPro v1.05b released:
    X650 support added. Fixed some flashing bugs. PLZ uninstall older version before install new one.

    02.07.2006 16:06
    NsPro v1.05 released:
    C130, X210, X160 support added. E370, D820, T509 unlock bugs fixed. Box Driver updated. Software is available for download on support area. More features will be added soon.

    13.06.2006 08:09
    NsPro software released
    NsPro software released. Zxxx fast flashing supported. D82x and other new models supported. More features will be added soon.

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    10.06.2007 00:09
    NsPro v3.1.0 released:
    Added support for D900i, E200, E830, Z240, 707SCII. Added flash paching for unlocking new versions of 705SC, 707SC, 706SC, 709SC. Added safe flashing when using repair mode for E490, F300, U600. Fixed Z720 flashing bugs.

    08.05.2007 21:42
    NsPro v3.0.0 released:
    Added NsPro assistant for easyer software usage. Added full support for X540, E116. Fixed minor software bugs.

    24.04.2007 18:42
    NsPro v2.5.1 released:
    Added FULL FLASH and EEPROM Read/Write for all Swift phones. Improved E250/E250V communication protocol.

    17.04.2007 14:37
    NsPro v2.4.0 released:
    Added U600, F300 full support. Fastest "Get Info" , "Unlock" and "IMEI Repair" functions added for ALL new Samsung 2G phones. Added Swift and Sysol Read User Code function into Get Info process. Added E250, E420, E480, E390, E690, X650 read codes, Repair IMEI functions. Added E250V, E356, T329 full support. Added Agere read codes function. Added Agere "simlock" unlocking function into "Unlock" process. Fixed Swift MSL phones read info bug. Fixed E250 unlock, repair IMEI bugs. X830N flashing bug fixed

    01.04.2007 10:23
    NsPro v2.0.5 released:
    Fixed E250 unocking bugs. Fixed C140, C180, C260, E390 flashing bugs.

    16.03.2007 17:53
    NsPro v2.0.3b released:
    Added support for E480, E690, C140, C260, E490. Fixed minor software bugs.

    07.03.2007 17:46
    NsPro v2.0.3 released:
    Added support for new versions of C300, E570, X830, X830N, 706SC. Improved Unlocking metod for Z150. Added "Clear Security Area" function for Z150, P910, P920, 706SC. Added full support for E390. Fixed E570 flashing bug.

    26.02.2007 18:30
    NsPro v2.0.1c released:
    Added direct unlocking and flashing support for SGH-E420.

    22.02.2007 16:14
    NsPro v2.0.1b released:
    Improved 705SC, 707SC, 709SC unlocking function. Fixed Z540 unlocking bug.

    21.02.2007 18:41
    NsPro v2.0.1 released:
    Added FLASH READING for P910, P920, Z150, Z230, Z540, ZV40. Added E250 IMEI repair. Fixed some software minor bugs.

    18.02.2007 21:47
    NsPro v2.0.0 released:
    Direct Unlock added for i600, i607 (2 seconds). Direct unlock added for Z650i (2 seconds). Added "Repair Network" function for E900, X630, X680, X680N (3 seconds). Added full support for E570, X680N, X830N. Added support for 705SC, 706SC, 707SC, 709SC, Z620 (Unlock in 1 second). Added flashing support for X630, X680. Fixed "No network" problem after changing IMEI on E900, X630, X680. Improved Zxxx communication mode detection. Improved D830, D840, E900, P310, P900, X830 flashing.

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    NsPro v3.5.5 released:

    NsPro v3.5.5 released:
    Added support for E950, F200, T649

    Improved flashing protocol for G600, D610
    Added flashing support for L760, ZV60




    New version is available on official NsTeam webpage: and on NsPro support area.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    NsPro v3.9.1 released:

    NsPro v3.9.1 released:
    Added T219S, T429, A426, A437, C161, C160M full support.

    Improved communication protocol for all supported models.

    Is highly recomanded to update to last NsPro version.

    Last Nspro version can be found on NsTeam website:: : NsPro : :
    on NsPro support area,
    And on Rapidshare: RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting
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    link error bro:D
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    periksa lagi bos....

    koneksinya ok nich.
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    Added B270i, B7320,
    C6620, C6625,
    E200E, E1080, E1085, E1100T, E1105T, E2120,
    i200, i637, i900, i8510, i8910,
    M2310, M2710, M7600,
    S3110, S5050, S5200, S5230, S5230W, S5233, S5233A, S5233S, S5600V,
    T119, T349 support.

    Added S5600, S5600V, S7220, S7350, S8300 Code reading.

    * Users that exceeded 1 year of free updates on ther NsPro box, will have to buy the activation for the new update.
    * Contact your reseller to purchase the activation.
    * New users can use this update free of charge.

    Download : RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
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    31.10.2009 19:43
    NsPro v5.5.6 released:
    Added A657, i6220, S3500i, S5600T, S8300T, V820L Support. Fixed C3010, C3050 unlocking protocol. Added support for C5510, i7500 new versions. Improved phone detection on USB ports. Is highly recommended to use latest nspro version!
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    NsPro v5.6.2 released:

    Added T939, C3510, M2520, S5150 support.

    Added i8910, i5700, i6410, i8320, i8000, B7300, B7610, B7620 unlocking by USB.
    Added i900 direct unlock and IMEI repair.

    Is highly recommended to use latest nspro version!

    Latest NsPro version is available on NsTeam official website: : : NsPro : :
    On NsPro support area
    And on Rapidshare: RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

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