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    MindSoft Utilities XP 2009 birçok ödül almış bir sistem bakım programıdır. İçerisinde kullanılmaya hazır birçok tweak, optimize, temizlik ve sistem aracı barındırır. Bir tek programla uninstall yöneticisinden registry temizleyicisine, internet optimize araçlarından başlangıç düzenleyicisine sahip olmak istiyorsanız,
    mutlaka denemeniz gereken bir program.
    MindSoft Utilities XP sisteminizi optimize eder, korur, gereksiz dosyaları siler, 19 adet bakım aracıyla komplike bir bakım sağlar. Mindsoft Utilities XP tamamen bu amaçlar için dizayn edilmiştir.
    Sisteminizin rahatlığı için MindSoft Utilities XP isabetli programlardan birisi.
    A disk cleaner, memory defragmenter, defragmentation tool. Maintaining the optimum efficiency of your PC is not just your priority. Mindsoft Utilities XP is designed entirely for the very same purpose.
    19 Utilities to optimize, repair and protect!, MindSoft provides XP users the unique opportunity to pinpoint the problems plaguing their computers and take remedial measures by themselves, along with some very well equipped help from the Mindsoft Utilities XP.
    Mindsoft Utilities 2009 is designed entirely for that very same purpose. With 19 high performance utilities, MindSoft provides Windows XP users the unique opportunity to pinpoint problems plaguing their computers and take remedial measures by themselves. With this unique experience, Mindsoft Utilities XP provides help every step of the way. Mindsoft Utilities can be used by computer professionals as well as amateurs that have limited knowledge of these types of tools. The interface allows for easy navigation and high efficiency.
    Analyse and repair your hard disks. Recover so much space in your hard disk that it will look like new. Avoid failures and accelerate your PC in the same way as if you had bought more RAM memory. Use our new ActiveMemory technology to make your system more stable.
    MindSoft Utilities XP is a program that will allow you to optimize your PC.
    Optimization tools:
    Defrag your disks and RAM, speed up Internet. Search and solve problems.
    Fix and repair:
    Clean and backup your registry. Analyze your hard disk. Restore your system.
    Cleaning utilities:
    Clean your hard drives. Uninstall applications correctly in seconds.
    File utilities:
    Recover deleted files. Erase, rename and split files. Protect your data with our encryption tool.
    Useful utilities:
    Control your Windows start up. Deeply check your hardware. Schedule your PC shutdown.

    Link : http://rapidshare.com/files/243657718/MindSoft.Utilities.XP.2009.10.Portable.by_zulkani.rar

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