Disk Trix Defrag Express 1.49

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    You'll be amazed by the speed and simplicity of DefragExpress. Don't be fooled by that
    simplicity into thinking it's one of those dime-a-dozen defraggers.. because it's NOT! In fact..
    DefragExpress is a real clever defragger!

    If it didn't stand out from the rest, we at DiskTrix wouldn't have created it. We earned our reputation for breaking new ground in the area of hard drive defragging with our powerful UltimateDefrag and now with DefragExpress as an everyday defragger, you're going to agree that we've solidified that reputation. The method by which DefragExpress defrags and places files was engineered by the team at Disktrix. This method was carefully crafted to give you the single most effective algorithm for defragging your hard drive.
    » Created Specifically To Be The Default Day-to-day Defragger Of Choice For EVERYONE
    And Every PC On The Planet
    » Very Simple To Use
    » Unique, "Optimal" Defrag Algorithm Developed At DiskTrix Labs
    » Significantly Speeds Up Hard Drive File Access Performance
    » Comprehensive Consolidate Mode Or Fragmented Files Only
    » Graphical User Interface That Shows File Movement&Defrag Activity
    » FAST! Most defrags complete in 1 to 10 minutes and usually around 3 minutes.
    » Positions Frequently Used Files For Fastest Performance
    » Consolidates And Positions Directories For Fastest Performance
    » Lightning-Fast Drive Analysis (300,000 files takes around 15 seconds)
    » Reports Defrag Time Taken (It likes to show-off just how fast it is!)
    » Reports Hard Drive Optimization Level
    » Fully Schedulable: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, System Idle
    » Designed to be run everyday (on your chosen schedule)
    » Least hard drive wear and tear amongst all other defraggers
    » Ability To Exclude Large Files
    » Ability To Shut Down Computer When Defrag Completes
    » Small Footprint - File Size Less Than 2 Mb
    » Runs As A Stand Alone Application. Does NOT Run As A Service


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