Ultimate Unlockers 3.11 - Instant Full Unlock of DB3210 CID53 now supported

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    Ini dapet dr tetangga!
    koreksi kalau ada yg salah newby...

    as it was promised, we bring you new version of popular Ultimate Unlockers - v3.11 (D-Ultimate Unlocker & Cruiser Suite Ultimate Unlocker). This version is no more Experimental release, as it is proved to work correctly.

    Here is more info :

    Ultimate Unlockers v3.11 [090710]

    * Added support for full instant unlock of all phones based on DB3210 chipset with CID 53 (C905, G705, W705, C510, W715, C901, C903, W995)
    * Supports full instant unlock of all phones based on DB3200 chipset with CID 53 (W508, T707)

    * Consumption of Supreme Credits is the same as for S1 platform based phones (0.4 or 0.28 supreme credits for owners of Cruiser Dongle, depending on qty ordered)

    Rapidshare download links:



    Ultimate Unlockers typical features:

    * Short unlock time - typically 2 unlocks per minute
    * Instant unlock - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    * No modem drivers installation required anymore

    Addidtional features:

    * CID change (downgrade/upgrade)
    * supports USB DCU-60 and original Fighter/UC10/UC20 boxes + many their clones

    ENJOY !


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