AquaPhone: Coral Fiesta

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    Exotic aquarium on hand!
    Away from the superficial man-made towns and cities the lagoon is a breathtaking relief. Here nature in the form of a paradise lagoon…
    Exotic Eden lagoon in your mobile!
    The heart-touching beauty of it all is that at Eden lagoon you could literally watch and wonder how nature is at play at its best: rare exotic fishes, underwater bushes of swaying vivid corals, sea windflowers and their constant tenants – bright clown-fishes…
    Wish this Eden lagoon become yours? AquaPhone: Coral Fiesta gives you a unique opportunity to carry this divine tropical world to your mobile!
    If you take tender care after these vivid angelic fishes they will be happy, will make you glad and will have little naughty and even more beautiful baby-fishes.
    Nurse them, make their living conditions ideal for their life and reproduction, design their lagoon with the help of rich catalogues of decoration elements and enjoy with your own little Eden corner!
    Main Features:
    *Rich catalogue of exotic fishes and animals
    *Great number of tropical weeds
    *Special aquarium equipment
    *Lots of decorative elements for designing our aquarium
    *Inhabitants’ behavior model is identical to real one
    *Possibility of fishes to spawn and take care of their babies
    *Possibility to compete with other aquarians by means of world-wide on-line ratings
    *Entertaining awards and bonuses system
    *Sensor screen support

    Download here for s60v5 Mobiles

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