Championship Manager 2009

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    Try To Beat The Best Teams In The Biggest 4 Cups In England To Become The Champion Through 8 Hard Seasons !
    Championship Manager 2009 is a little more traditional. Laying all of its options out from the start, this is a game populated with scores of menu screens and, unfortunately, controls that seem to change from one to another. Just whether you should you use the soft-key or the D-pad is never really standardised, but such a multitude of menus does allow access to a vast range of management options that would once have been the sole territory of PC outings.
    More new options have been add to make the gameplay more real :
    - Manager Actions :
    * Un like CM 2008, Now you can "Pick captins" through the season !
    * You can see your injured players and Other Stuff In "Team Overview" !
    * You Can Also Ask Your "Assistant" About Your Team, Tactics, Transfers And Others !
    * Now you can tell your "Media agent" to arrange a conference after a Match !
    * New feature : "Job centre" not checked yet but I think you can accept to coach any team that offers you coaching after any season !

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