Digital Chocolate Carnival Games 12PACK

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    Get ready for a fun-filled day at the carnival! Enjoy a great collection of up to 12 carnival and arcade classics including Duck Shooting, Mole Whack, Dunk Tank, Ring the Bell, Bowling, Horse Racing and so many more! Win trophies and unlock cool prizes as you explore a colorful park of your all-time favorite funfair games!
    * 7 all-time favorite carnival games*
    * Duck Shooting
    * Mole Whack
    * Dunk Tank
    * Ring the Bell
    * Horse Race
    * Carnival Bowling
    * Cake Splash
    * 5 addictive arcade classics*
    * Bloxx
    * Galaxy
    * Tennis
    * Race
    * Ski
    * Fun trophies!
    * Colorful carnival map to explore!
    * A funfair full of collectable achievements!
    * Multiplayer Mode

    Download Here for your mobiles

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