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    Treasure Grab is a fast-paced game of breaking, entering and stealing everything that has not been nailed down. And most of what has been. Prove yourself by stealing the most precious heirlooms of four decadent nobles. Explore mansions, pick locks, trick the guards, and most importantly grab everything of value - jewels, paintings, books, large statues, and chairs alike. Treasure Grab is realized in a distinct visual style, and spiced up with a healthy dose of comical elements and details. Randomizable game structure, clear highscore and ranking method, gameplay-enhancing rewards, and multiple game modes ensure a good amount of replayability.
    Unique Features:
    * Take control of a master thief and steal everything that has not been nailed down. And most of what has been.
    * Discover the thrills of stealing, sneaking, lockpicking and escaping from the guards.
    * Use 7 different Trickster powers to bamboozle the guards and maximize the spoils.
    * Emergent gameplay created by random meta game events and open level structure, allowing for a lot of replayability.
    * Simple controls, but varied gameplay.
    * Stunning graphics with lot of detail.
    * Original title with original storyline and original characters.[​IMG]

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