Prehistoric Tribes for s60v3 All mobiles

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    Build and maintain your tribe’s village. You begin with a small group of villagers, whom you can assign tasks such as gathering foodstuffs and building materials, to harvest, hunt, fish, cook etc. Tribesmen also have minds of their own, when not performing tasks, they will wander around, eat, sleep, gather flowers or just chat to their fellow cavemen.
    You are responsible for the work/life balance of your tribes people. During “freetime”, they can fall in love with one another and even produce offspring!
    • Game play in the spirit of Populous and Sim City which takes place in a prehistoric village where players control the actions of the tribesmen
    • Collect several different types of resources including food, building materials and weapons
    • Huge variety of actions available including harvesting, hunting, fishing, cooking plus close or ranged combat moves
    • Totally control the work/life balance of the tribesmen
    • 13 different types of building with their own purpose and use including store, chief hut, ”gym”, kitchen, sandpit etc.
    • Enemy Tribes – Defend your own village from the enemy or counter attack and destroy theirs!
    • Huge variety of mission types available[​IMG]

    Download for 176x208.rar
    Download For 240x320.rar

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