Exult v1.20 S60v5 Game engine for Ultima 7

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    Exult instructions for Symbian
    To Play!
    First you need to get Ultima 7. Either you own it already, or
    you buy it somewhere. Then you must install it on a DOS/Windows
    machine to get the data files.
    Alternatively, the 'Ultima Collection' already contains a
    pre-installed version of U7. (in the directory /ultima7)
    Place the datafiles from the U7 installations
    in the memorycard
    !:\exult\blackgate for the blackgate files
    !:\exult\serpentisle for serpent isle
    only the static folder should be needed
    so you should have
    folder present before starting the game.
    You can also place the datafiles into
    c:\data\exult\blackgate\static or
    c:\data\exult\serpentisle\static folder (S60)
    c:\shared\exult\blackgate\static or
    c:\shared\exult\serpentisle\static (UIQ)
    If you start the game without the datafiles present,
    a default config file will be created which won't be
    correctly configured. Remove the default cfg file
    after adding/changing the datafiles to get it updated
    properly. You can also edit if cfg file manually if
    you wish
    Location of the config file is
    c:\data\exult\exult.cfg (S60)
    C:\shared\exult\exult.cfg (UIQ)
    After playing
    c:\data\exult (S60)
    c:\shared\exult (UIQ)
    folder will contain current game files and save
    These files will need to be removed after
    uninstallation since the number of files present
    might change depending on the player.[​IMG]

    Download Here for your Mobiles
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    Bingung... maksudnya Untuk apa sih Bro ???:sorry:

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