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    Gomoku (also known as Connect Five or Pente (TM) - see Wikipedia [1]) is a traditional and very popular game that is a lot of fun and easy to play for two players. All you need is a sheet of checkered paper, a pen and a friend, and you're ready to go. Your task is to get an unbroken row of five stones in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. As you play in turns, you will usually have to think of some nasty traps in order to win.
    Gomoku for S60 lets you play this game everywhere, no matter if you have got a sheet of paper, a pen or a friend near you. It allows playing both in single player mode against a challenging artificial intelligence as well as in two-player mode. Additionally, you can freely define the board size and activate the "pair check" option, which allows to capture enemy stones.
    Gomoku is compatible to all S60 3.x and 5.x based mobile phones. It supports both the touchscreen and a keyboard and multiple screen sizes. An extra version for UIQ 3 is available.

    Download Here for Your Mobiles

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