Update Terbaru MXKey Versi3.2 rev50

Discussion in 'MxKey Dongle' started by wongbodo, Sep 12, 2009.

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    v3.2 revision 5.0, Public-Release[​IMG]v3.2 revision 5.0, Public-Release
    #Minor update
    - MAIN
    Added, Dongle License status Info in the Dongle Maintenance GroupBox
    Added, Update License Button
    ~ Used to activated custom license of the card which will be used for spesific feature/module
    To preserve bandwidth, Refill Button will be enabled if Counter <50 %
    - NK
    Added, BB5 PA_SL2 NCK Calculator using security server
    ~ This will unlock most PA_SL2 phones with protected PM308:1
    ~ This feature need License #1 to be activated(activation is FREE)
    Added, BB5 PA_SL2 Counter Reset
    Added, SAFE Erase routine while using 'Custom Flash Erase' on the 'Advance Page'
    ~ SAFE Erase will Protect PM Data from erase specially when doing 'Erase WHOLE flash'.
    ~ Usefull for recovering a DEAD phone without loosing SIMLOCK DATA
    Fixed, BB5 Secure Storage Validity for PA_SL3 phones
    Added, Automatic NPC backup while doing 'Skip SX4 Auth' and 'BB5 SW Downgrade Fix'
    Minor bug fixed.

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