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Discussion in 'BB5' started by pitoecell, Oct 10, 2009.

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    tolong bantuan dari para master dan semua temen2,kasus 6288 short,ddah diangkat PA,msh short,diangkat retu short juga,tahvo diangkat msh jg short,,,,........tolong bantuannya dong.......yg bikin short apanya???????????????????????????
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    cobak tlanjangi ja hpnya""""""trus cek pkek PS diraba raba,,,mana yg terasa hangat,,,thanks
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    check shoting in nokia 6280/6288....

    1..remove this l7520 mark in (1) if u want to check the shoting of pf of gsm and wcdma ....
       if remove the coil and ur shoting is gone then tere is shoting in ur pf of gsm or wcdma ........
    2..remove this coil mark in l7500 (2)...if u want to check the shoting of rf ic for .... by 
       removing this coil if ur shoting is gone then there is shoting in ur rf ic .....
    3...remove this resistance mark in (3) to check the bluetooth module ... to check shoting ...
       because it got +b from batery.....
    4..remove this resistance mark in (4) to check the n6050 power supply maker ic ....it make suplly
       for fm radio...it got +b from batery remove resistance to check shoting cause by this ic....
    5..remove this resistance mark in (5) to check the shoting cause by irda ....because irda got 
       the +b from batery......
    6...remove this coil mark in (6) to check memory card driver ic n3200 .....because this ic got +b
        from batery.... 
    7..remove this coil mark in (7)..if u want to check the light ic is short....
    8..remove this ic mark in (8) ...it is vcam maker ic which make vcam for camera ......remove 
       this ic to check shoting because this ic got +b from batery......
    9..remove this mark in (9) ...it is flash light driver ic ......remove it to check shoting cause
        by it or not.....
    10.. at end remove retu and tahvo ic to check shoting is gone r not.......
    all the component which are mark in pink colur these all are coils and resistance these are place 
    in series and +b of batery is gone throw them so if u remove the coil u not have to remove ic to check
     the shorting in pcb it save time and ur ic ....

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