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    MasterMind (S60 5th Edition) description
    MasterMind is a game in which the aim is to guess the secret code in a finite number of attempts.
    The game is easy: when you start a new game is generated a new code. The aim is to guess the code in a finite number of attempts (9 in the standard mode) through the aid given to each new attempt.
    For each attempt is given by the game a response like XXO: each X in the solution indicates that there's, in the combination tried, a right number in the right position; each O indicates that there's, in the combination, a right number but not in the correct position. Through these guidelines, you can find the correct combination!
    You can play in standard mode, where you have 9 attempts and a combination of 4 numbers (which can be repeated in the same combination), or custom mode where you can choose to have duplicates in the combination and a number of attempts variable in the range 1-16 and a number of digits of the combination in the range 1-7.
    In the Statistics page you can also see the number of games played, won or lost.
    The game is in multiple languages: English, Italian and Spanish.
    ยท Symbian S60 5th Edition

    MasterMind v1.00 ENG ITA ESP

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