NEW RELEASE Phoenix Service Software 2009.34.7.40015

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    Baru keluar ni akhir oktober.bagi yg blm bisa beli box pake ni aja dulu.tinggal beli kabel DKU
    Release Information:
    SW components:
    - Phoenix Service Software 2009.34.7.40015
    - DK2 Dongle Driver v
    - Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver v (for Win2000 driver version
    - Flash Update Package 09.042.021
    - FLS-x Dongle Driver v 2.09.28
    - FPS-11 version 5.10.0

    Changes/improvements made from previous version 2009.20.10.39068:
    New features:
    - Touch Screen Calibration
    - ALS Tuning Wizard
    COMMON SW SB-107 Copyright ? Nokia Corporation 2009
    Error corrections & changes:
    - Flash Update Package 09.042.032
    - New rf_losses.ini
    - Product Code change improvements for RX-51
    - Dynamic Country of origin in label printing shows country names in clear text if product specific configuration / data package supports it.
    - Several improvements for the RX-51 product, please refer to product specific Service Bulletins for further instructions
    - Changes to DCT-4 IMEI / ESN rebuild.
    Known errors & limitations:
    - Software downgrade with Tucson system is only possible for BB 5.0 products supporting the Data Package 2 concept.
    - Flashing with FLS-5, SS-46 and product specific adapter is not reliable for all BB 5.0 products.
    - If you install old DCT-4 data packages, Flash Update Package File installation path may be wrong. This is caused by very old DCT-4 data packages which contain Flash Update Package
    and overwrite current information during installation. If you experience problems when updating FPS-x prommers, please check that Phoenix ôPrommer maintenanceö is looking for the files
    from the correct location which is ôC:program FilesCommon FilesNokiaTssFlashö. If not, Phoenix will show error ôUpdate via ini u file failedö. In this case, select ôUpdateö from that
    Phoenix ôPrommer maintenanceö u UI, browse to correct directory and select ôfpsxupd.iniö for all other prommers except the FPS-8.
    - Multi Flash has limited capabilities, launch Multiflash UI first and then connect phones one by one, do not attempt to service more than 5 phones at the time
    - Some phone models request SIM Lock data to be written in wrong format. You should use special DLL as a workaround for this product software related problem. Please see Common SB SB-102 Tucson Add-On Components for SIM Lock version
    - While performing restore or variant change operations with Tucson system firmware update as a separate activity may increase stability.
    - DCT-4 IMEI / ESN Rebuild functionality is limited. Corrections will be available when new Flash Update Package is released during week 45/2009
    - Operating band reading / writing may not work for all products (e.g. RM-159), due to implementation in phone SW. Phoenix modifications will be available in an additional Phoenix release
    estimated for week 43/2009. This function can also be done via phone keypad.
    - Refurbishment flashing and product code change for RX-51 product requires SX-4 card to be available
    - FPS-21 flashing for RX-51 works only with TCPIP connection, if FPS-21 prommer HW is older than 10. USB connection works if FPS-21 HW is 10 or newer.
    download link
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    Nice info boss . . .

    Bisa buat s.ware hp merk apa aja boss....buat ganbaran aja . . .
    Baru belajar, lum pernah make, yang versi 2008 sekalipun.

    Lum bisa d.Load, file nya gede banget.
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    master kunene kalo rebuild imei pake phoenix bisa ngga? ga mudeng bahasa planetnya tulisan di atas maklum katrok dan masih newbie.. plis master kasi tau caranya.. tq for all
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    Aq msh baru bgt.Itu s0fwre buat ngeflash ya?Trus Kabel DKU hrgnya brp y,dan modelnya kyk apa,dan bs bwt hp ap aj kabelnya.hehe.Mav msh baru bljr(gk ad guru)(forumjawir guruku)
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    boss dapetinnya dimana?:tea:

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