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Discussion in 'Internet & Web' started by cooly, Aug 29, 2007.

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    Hi bro n sis :tease: berbagi informasi seputar ActiveX nyok. DLL, OCX, etc apa yg lo gunakan untuk menunjang aplikasi VB6 & .NET.

    Adroit Smart Tabbed Dialog Control - http://www.adroittech.in/
    Smart Tabbed Dialog Control is an Extended ActiveX control for 'Visual Basic 6' Environment and the Windows™ operating system.SmartTabs Provides an Unique and Different method of displaying multiple dialogs or Pages, by displaying tabs as found in a file cabinet. This Easy to use control Provides Numerous appearances and color systems and different styles for working with the Control.

    Smart Tabbed Dialog Control offers many features and Styles.Below is the some features of the control.

    [cede]Background Pictures
    Windows XP support in all Operating systems.
    Icons on Individual tab.
    Enabled/disabled tabs
    Shared And Non-Shared Controls on Each Different Tab
    Design time Setting for Shared Controls
    Wizard style Pages
    Support for New* Luna Colors
    Support for NoteOne Colors
    As many as 32767 Tabs on each Tab Control.
    13 Different Tab Appearances.
    3 New Color Schemes
    Default and Customized Color-Systems
    Office - 2003 color support with Office 2003 style Tabs
    Tab control with or without client area
    2 tooltip styles.[standard & Balloon styles
    Different Tooltips for each tabs
    Hot tracking of tabs
    Extensive support for Design and Run-Time Scrolling of tabs
    4 Different Control Alignments
    Latest MS Visio Style Included.
    Optional Properties Like BoldSelected,Focus Rectangle etc.
    Optional System Default Tab Control Look.
    Run Time Removal and Addition of Tab.[/code]
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    Animation GIF ActiveX - http://www.jcomsoft.com/anigif.htm


    Using Animation GIF ActiveX, you can display GIF files (including still, animated , GIF87a, GIF89a and transparent) in the OLE container. It supports all GIF89a standard, including transparent, animation, looping, delay time, logical screen, restoring to background or previous image, etc. It also supports Netscape GIF extension.

    Animation GIF ActiveX 2.4 supports Jpeg and BMP now. (Please use ReadGIF to read Jpeg and BMP. The ActiveX will recognize them automatically.)

    * AutoSize, Stretch, custom playing sequence (reverse, pingpong or user-defined).
    * Bind the GIF property to database in your application.
    * No flickering when displaying large GIF files in transparent or opaque mode.
    * Recover the correct frames in the damaged GIF files.
    * Read gif file from http server.
    * Mousepointer properties.
    * Loop property allows programmers to control the playing loop number.
    * AutoRewind property allows programmers to control if the GIF rewinds to first frame or not at the end of looping.
    * Keyboard events.
    * Refresh method
    * Multi-thread supporting.
    * Made in ATL, so you don't need any additional DLL when using the ActiveX.
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