N80 N73 Phone Start UP Failed After RPL Solution

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    These types differ from the rest of devices in terms of writing RPL file.

    But there are some phones after the RPL and work together without any problems, which may raise interest maintenance engineers in the world, causing them to diagnose the fault the wrong way (say, mostly maintenance) mean H/W... But totaly SoftWare.

    But what the reason for this problem?

    1- Wrong erase ..

    2- Wrong writing PM file with sx4 server .

    3- Wrong writing RPL file .
    .... etc.

    All those wrong reasons it made phone start up field contact the retailer ,

    With this problem we will find phone has been lost both of the folowing data :
    VARIANT Data and CCC Data or NPC Data

    Hence, how can you know that the imbalance of these two regions?

    - You need to make backup rpl from phone and open it :
    You will see your phone empty this data :

    Solution :
    You need to read CRT backup RPL from other phone Unlocked and Open it and make copy this data and past it to original backup rpl ( overwrite) and save it , also check NPC_DATA_1 to NPC_DATA_12 .

    Then write this file you edited it to your phone .
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