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    I read about this application on some thread here, I gave it a shoot, works perfect.
    Easy to install on my HTC Dream and then log your running/cycling/walking etc activities by GPS to calculate distance and calorie burn. You can then view stats and overlay your routes over Google Maps.

    There is also a new beta feature entitled "Goals" whereby you set yourself a target (set by date, activity and goal - calories/distance etc) and you get a realtime snapshot of how well (or bad) you are doing.

    Looks like a fantastic piece of free software, will give it a road-test over the weekend. The app itself is available from the Market ('sportypal') and you can either register on the handset or directly on the website (although I'd just do it on the handset as you have to "register" your handset to the site anyway, might as well do it all from the phone).

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