Ready Stock! Rocker Box Legija + 9 kabel + 4 magic Test Point (Original & New)

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    Paket yang Anda peroleh:

    • [*][FONT=verdana,geneva]Smart Card (E-Gate or JCOP41) [/FONT]
      [*][FONT=verdana,geneva]12 month free UNLIMITED support access [/FONT]
      [*][FONT=verdana,geneva]Rocker Box with integrated Smart Card reader and USB HUB [/FONT]
      [*][FONT=verdana,geneva]V600, Mini USB, Micro USB, F3, J100, T191, J132, ExTP cable, USB A to B cable[/FONT]
      [*][FONT=verdana,geneva]Test Point Adapter: K1, L7, U6, V3
    Harga Rp. 1.475.000,-. Hubungi Symphony Shop: 0856 104 5555 (khusus yang serius)

    Moto Rocker features:
    • Unlock subsidy lock
    • Repair "Contact Provider"
    • Repair "Software Version not found"
    • Repair "Phone code sig error"
    • Repair "Code corrupt"
    • Change language
    • Upgrade firmware
    • Read/write language pack
    • Read/write monster flash
    • Read/write full backup
    • Read/write bootloader
    • Read/Write Band Settings
    • Read user code
    • Read Phone Book
    ODM Rocker features:
    • Fast direct unlock
    • Read unlock codes
    • Read/Write backup
    • Read/Write firmware, lang pack, flex, melody packs
    • Repair damaged boot
    • Turbo speed supported (up to 920k)
    • Repair/Change IMEI
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