6.12.2009, SagemEG_V10.5Fast in support area now!

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    SagemEG_V10.5Fast is fast unlocker for HUAWEI phones T155, T156.

    What`s new?
    - unlocking algo improved, some FW`s not supported by SagemEG_V10.4Fast and other similar toolses[​IMG] are supported now;
    - added Flash read option;
    - Flash read works with many other (but not all) E-Gold phones.

    If you have not supported T155, T156,....., read flash.bin, then send it to support@sagdd.com or upload somewhere.
    We will add these FW`s in next updates.

    As always, easy, fast, absolutely safe unlocking![​IMG]

    SagDD support continues!

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