Regarding JAF backups, please read it!

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    Regarding JAF backups, please read it!

    As many of you already know, in SL2 phones we have new field 120 in PM sincronised with 308, so, if any of these fields is damaged somehow during flashing or unlocking, you can't restore simlock area with CRT 308 backup alone ([​IMG]e automatically by Jaf sw). CRT 308 is good for SL1, but for SL2 is not enough.

    To avoid such headache is very easy, just READ FULL PM FROM 0 TO 400 before doing anything with your phone. This can be done via fbus or usb, it doesn't matter, under "Service Settings" tick "Read PM" and click "Service" button then give first address 0 and second 400, next choose location where the file will be saved and click "save".

    If after flashing or unlocking you get Config/Provider keys 000000 just tick "Write Pm" and click "Service" then select your backup.There's no need for SX-4 to restore simlock data...this is needed only for protected fields 1 and 309 (in case of contact service problems).

    I also recommand to save manually certificates with CRT Tool > Backup CRT (this can be done only in fbus mode)

    Now, if anything happens to your phone, you are sure you can restore it to its initial state without buying new RPL.

    I'm sure this will help mostly new users and i make it sticky untill J.A.F. coder will implement automatic pm 120 + 308 saving in future updates.

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