ZTE MF100 Kievstar added to Kulankendi Box/Dongle/Server

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    Kulankendi Box/Dongle/Server Ver 2.53

    - ZTE MF100 Kievstar very fast (Time:00:00:05) unlock added (free for KKBox/Dongle users)

    ZTE Modems Unlocking instructions

    1. Unplug modem from USB (if connected)
    2. Insert other operator SIM card into modem
    3. Connect modem to USB port and wait for "ZTE Mobile Connection" run
    4. Run and Exit "ZTE Mobile Connection" application and wait few seconds till modem will be detected by system
    5. Click READ INFO to be sure is modem is detected and simlock status = "ENABLED"
    6. Click UNLOCK and wait when operation will finish
    7. If Client will not reboot modem then disconnect and connect back modem
    8. Modem is unlocked


    Looking for phone... [USB/PCMCIA]
    Phone detected.
    Phone Model: ZTE MF100 KievStar
    Firmware serie: MF100
    Phone IMEI: 351789-03-XXXXXX-2
    Serial number: No data.
    Firmware Version: BD_UAKVSP671A1V1.0.0B01
    Compiled date: Jun 13 200911:28:31Jun 08 200914:00:00UAKVSP67
    Simlock status: Enabled : (Network)
    Sending loader...
    Clearing SimLocks...
    Connecting to server...
    Authorizing KKBox/Card...
    Auth. received.
    Unlocked successfully!
    Restarting phone...
    All Done! - Time:00:00:05

    More - www.kulankendi.com


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