ModelRight Professional v3.5.0.34

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    ModelRight Professional v3.5.0.34 | 37 MB

    ModelRight Professional – Program for creation, visualization and documentation of your databases. ModelRight 3 can reverse your existing database and give it to you in graphical form. Supports the following databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL or any other through ODBC).​

    Examples of functions:
    · Undo / Redo: Unlimited or user-defined number of levels.
    · Cut / Paste and Drag / Drop: Within the project, and between models. Most surprising, but many in this category just do not do these functions work, or they do not work as advertised.
    · Search: Find an object in the model type, name or any other parameter. Search using regular expressions and other standard criteria.
    · Reports: The maximum information content and flexibility when using templates XSLT. Printing and saving reports.
    · Change Analysis: History shows any of your actions on the object in time. You can view the information, analyze all the changes and decide to rollback to a certain number of steps.
    · Scalable Printing: Just drag the border of the page to determine how many pages you want to stretch your chart
    · Self-test scheme data: Based on over 15 Year-Long experience, development of database applications, ModelRight was not written from scratch, with a structure that offers significant functionality of the database design, to provide professional services and prodvigatsya the lead.
    · ActiveX / Scripting: Use the internal interface (using any scripting languages – such as VBScript, javascript, or lyuboy.NET language) for creating database schemas. Provide transparent access to all facilities and properties or even create their own custom functions.
    User Interface:
    Reviewer · model: scalable, categorized tree view of all your objects.
    · Hyper-text navigation: As a Web-browser, you can go to related objects by clicking on links on the pages of properties.
    And many other functions.​
    OS: WinAll
    Language: English
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