LGI_1_62SC released.Full support for LG GD510 added.

Discussion in 'LG Legacy' started by rajon, Dec 21, 2009.

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    New version - LGI flasher - unlocker v1.62SC is uploaded at support sites in LG section.

    - Full support for LG GD510,including unlock code reading,IMEI fixing,phone reset and
    flashing is added.USB and UART connections are supported.Flashes for GD510 are
    uploaded also.
    - USB connection for some OMAP based phones - KM710 and GD330 is added.
    LG_OMAP_USBDrivers must be installed for working with these phone via USB.

    WARNING! LG GD510 supports USB connection only when phone is unlocked,if phone is
    locked - you can only flash phone.For unlock code reading is needed to connect phone
    via UART using TP on PCB.
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